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Barry Reichbott,
Marketing director, Global Oral Care, Colgate Palmolive

"Very impressive culture of transparency and collaboration. Very impressive. Walkthrough was particularly insightful. Gives a good perspective on what inspires (Intellect) and how things get done here."

Todd Ancelet,
Forward Loader Product Line Manager, John Deere

"Impressed with the thought that was put into the layout. The question is how can I take some part of this concept back to my team. Impressed with the walkthrough of the Company DNA and the ‘writing on the wall’."

Jean Marc Jouanno,
Technology Director, Corning Inc

"Impressed with the level of innovation, both for the technology and the business models. Impressed with the facility. This is both a design center and learning center. Strong culture of open sharing… another element of trust for the customers."

Michelle Vancura,
SVP Pharmacy sales, Cigna

"I expected less than we received. The information was very relevant even though I have no software background. The vision is clear and communicated effectively. Most impressed with Unmail"

Rauf Gurbuz,
Customer Development Director, Colgate Palmolive

"Very mind opening. Visually pleasing and powerful. The thinking and action was impressive."

Erwin Minsaer,
Director, Cigna

"Creating space for design thinking. Can be powerful and good ‘sales pub’."

Vincent Hinous,
Finance and Supply Chain Director, Rolls Royce

"Welcome to the 22nd Century. We are still in the middle age in Europe."

Ragnhild Oye-Taylor,
Leadership Development Consultant, Rolls-Royce

"Expected it to be good, but it was even better than expected. Very impressive and inspirational."

Dean Armstrong,
Cigna, VP Consumer health engagement

"This is an innovation center, a learning lab, an experiment zone. I loved the wall where you highlighted what doubt can do to a team. I would like to gain more insight into the Octopus product, we in the Rolls-Royce TUCK group had already concluded that we would benefit from a method of collaborating electronically within the organisation and in particular the removal of e-mail was an awesome and bold step which you have taken. The visit to Polaris was inspirational and a pleasure to attend."

Nicole Fehr,
Managing Director Operations,
Rolls Royce Germany

"Amazing,  everything  I  have seen was just visionary. The level of visible care  I  could  feel  was  enormous.  I  felt  that  people are enabled and empowered  to do a superb job. Great leaders are great story tellers. I met one  (Rajesh)  and will take the Polaris story of values, process and tools back  to Germany. I cannot single out one part, they were all different but were also all inspiring. Thank you for such a great experience."

Shican Zhang,
GM , John Deere

"This is a freedom working place. A lot of energy and confidence of the company. Good vision and lesson learned. Good process."

Mark Ruedy,
Director Finance, John Deere

"Excellect  walkthrough  and  displays  discussing  the  company’s  purpose, mission  and  vision. Simple idea, yet very effective. White paper, writing on  walls,  power  point,  open  rooms. Seating environments (in teams). The various  places in the office where employees can collaborate and innovate, were all impressive."

Director, i-India

"I was curious to know what  a Design Center  was doing in a tech / software company. The experience was an  extremely disruptive one. In one stroke the visit had  taken away my entire thinking or understanding of what a soft ware company could be  about. I think aa lot of innovation and design thinking  brews in this place.  And, that is obvious from the manner in which the message of business, operation and technology comes out from the tour. Design removes complexity. I think there is lot of grass-root basic thinking that gone over here. It looks hi tech but it stems down from very basic fundamental objective of what do we reach out to, or how do we transform learning. I would like to come back here again and sit through one of your design program."

Mr. Rajesh Kakade,

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"Really Impressive, Visionary and forward thinking. This will become the Corporate Pilgrimage for financial institutions in future. Great Work!"

Mr.Henning Gebert,

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"The Design Center is a very good idea and can go a long way"

Mr. Shankar Mahalingam and Mr. Mohan DS,
Ahli Bank
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"You have done a fabulous job… This concept should be taken to the clients place to spread the awareness of design and its importance and make the experience more collaborative”